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A transformational artist who places the quality of the music first. Live instruments in his recordings and deep meaning of the lyrics make you ‘feel the infinite breath and interconnectedness of the elements that surround us’ 

Vojak was born surrounded by musicians. Hi mother was a concertmaster and he become passionate about the sounds of music from childhood. He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 15. He is completely self-taught artist.


Vojak is passionate about ‘ live to the fullest ‘. He uses every opportunity to travel the world and discover universe in his unique way. He visited 50+ countries so far. He obtained two degrees in Europe, UK, Hong Kong and New York. He was always fond  of philosophy and psychology. 


Vojak visited hundreds of rock, jazz and pop concerts throughout the globe. His business accomplishments allowed Vojak to focus on aesthetic side of his rock music more than its commercial appeal.


Vojak creates and performs himself. This combination gives him extraordinary ability to achieve monolithic sound and profoundly impact the audience. When he writes the songs he transforms and his entire being radiates positive energy from within. 


Vojak believes that life can happen in the state of flow only when one’s soul deep calling is expressed. Feel free to get familiar with his creations.

2018 Created with love by Galina Agerd
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